Quarté Sayàl

Quarté Sayàl is the new meeting place in Alghero: this multi-functional complex has been designed
to meet the wide-ranging requirements of those who want to organise conferences in a prestigious historic venue that is highly architecturally impressive, savour the dishes that encapsulate the culinary traditions of Alghero, stay in exclusive apartments with stunning views over the Capo Caccia promontory, visit exhibitions and sample a range of dishes and aperitifs in the bar located in the central square.

Piazzetta (central square)

The name of the complex is derived from the local dialect of Alghero, with its strong Catalan influences.
Quarté means "quarter" – i.e. the district in which
we meet, work and live – whereas Sayàl recalls
the area's links with the Cappuccin friars, since
the term actually means (religious) "habit".

Shopping mall

Quarté Sayàl is located in Alghero, on the Italian island of Sardinia. The complex is situated
in Via Garibaldi, just a stone's throw from
the centre of the oldest part of town

Its strategic location makes it easy to reach
all of the town's main attractions on foot.

  • 10 metres from the beach
  • 300 metres from the Port of Alghero
    with the embarcation point for excursions
    to "Neptune's Caves" (Grotte di Nettuno in Italian)
  • 300 metres from the wonderful promenade
    that is the Lungomare Barcellona
  • 1 Km from the Bastions, affording a fantastic vantage point from which to marvel at the sunset
  • 1 Km from the Lido of Alghero
  • 1.5 Km from the Maria Pia pine forest
  • 400 metres from Piazzale della Pace,
    Alghero's largest free car park

The promotional videoclip of Quarté Sayàl

The commercial spaces

The commercial spaces afford
a great opportunity to those who have a real flair for business. Encompassing event venues, meeting facilities, a restaurant,
a bar and several shops, they constitute a great place for those visiting the city on business – as well as for Alghero's own natives and their guests – to come together and do business. Discover the spaces that are still available and contact us to arrange a meeting.


PDFShops Section F
PDFShops Section F mezzanine

The Conference Centre

A truly unique facility in terms
of its structural originality, our technologically state-of-the-art conference centre provides
the perfect venue for any event: from senior management meetings to conferences with in excess
of 200 delegates. (more...)

The Restaurant

Open for both lunch and dinner, the Maò de Plà restaurant affords the option to enjoy your meal
both within the building or out on the veranda. Our skilled chefs have the expertise to delight even the most demanding of palates, thanks also to the quality
of the ingredients and the variety of the menus. (more...)


L’impresa ALGHERO 2000 DI FERRONI ROBERTO & C. SAS è risultata Beneficiaria dell’Aiuto sostenuto dall’Unione Europea nell’ambito del POR Sardegna FSE 2014/2020.

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Layout of the complex


The first friary was founded in 1595 in an area close to the location of the current prison.
The Capuchin fathers inhabited it until 1714 – the year in which Philip V forced the friars to leave, since the friary's location constituted a grave danger for Alghero's city walls.
Thus, in 1719, the friary was demolished, before being promptly rebuilt along the coast in 1722.
The architect responsible was Piedmont-born Antonio Felice De Vincenti, and his input is clear
in the materials deployed, particularly in the blocks of limestone used for the walls, but also
in the characteristic Catalan-style rounded-arch vaults that today give the Maò de Plà Restaurant its name.

Between 1855 and 1866, the Italian State implemented a policy of confiscating properties belonging to the Church that could be sold off in order to rebalance the books. It was during this period that the building's use was changed from religion to industry: in 1902, the Sella & Mosca winery purchased the former friary from the Municipality of Alghero for 3,500 lire. This decision was taken by the winery with a view to exploiting the site's strategic position: the new railway linking Alghero to Sassari passed directly in front of the building.
As the headquarters of the Sella & Mosca winery for 70 years, the building underwent substantial modifications.
The 1950s saw the addition of elements in the so-called "neoliberty" style and references
to the religious architecture of Alghero. In 1961, the winery's days of being a family-run concern came to an end as it was acquired by a group of Lombardy-based shareholders.
Gradually, the new management decided to transfer the winery itself to a site in the vicinity
of the vineyards. The change was motivated mostly by financial considerations: road transport became more economical than rail in the 1960s, and the market at the time was becoming more dynamic, requiring a more streamlined, functional facility at the source.

In 1974, the former friary was acquired by the Ferroni family. In 2004, the family commissioned large-scale renovation works, under the supervision of architect Luciano Bebbere, which would eventually lead to the creation of Quarté Sayàl.
The Ferroni family have been in business since way back in the 1940s, when Arnaldo – grandfather of the current generation – set himself up in the home furnishings industry. In 1965, his sons Roberto and Aurelio continued the family's entrepreneurial tradition by investing in the tourism industry.
Today, the two brothers are supported by the youngsters Arnaldo, Luciano, Daniele and Mauro,
all of whom contributed to the project that resulted in the Quarté Sayàl development.